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If your winter safety program only focuses on teaching drivers how to control their vehicle on slippery roads and not on preventing common injuries, your company is at risk for the most common incidents.

While on-road safety training is important, drivers are more likely to have an incident when they aren’t in their vehicle. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slip and fall injuries and muscle pulls are much more common than vehicle collisions.
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Step up your injury prevention game this winter (using three points of contact, of course). Download and share The Top 7 Causes of Winter Injuries with your drivers:

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Transportation and warehousing jobs consistently rank as some of the most dangerous in the United States. The industry is frequently ranked #1 for the highest injury and illness rate by the BLS.

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The most common driver injury: Upper or lower back strain, costing the employer an average of $36,500. The second most common: slips, trips and falls, costing the employer an average of $47,000. Average time lost per incident: 13 days.

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