Beyond the Roadmap: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Commercial Insurance Telematics Program

Unlock the potential of telematics for your commercial business with our comprehensive white paper

"Beyond the Roadmap" is your playbook on how to navigate the complexities of implementing telematics programs in commercial insurance. Whether you're seeking to enhance risk assessment, optimize claims management or offer personalized, usage-based insurance products, this white paper provides invaluable insights and practical strategies to help you introduce telematics to your organization. While no substitute for a dedicated partnership, this white paper is an insider exclusive of the guidance that SambaSafety clients receive in the early stages of a telematics implementation.

Highlights include:  

  • An assessment to help insurers determine their organizational readiness for a telematics implementation and the best approach for their business.  
  • Steps to follow through the phases of an implementation 
  • An in-depth breakdown of deployment model options to consider 
  • Best practices for building a best-in-class telematics data asset 

Equip your organization with the knowledge and tools needed to build a telematics program and select a partnership that thrives in today's digital insurance landscape. Download "Beyond the Roadmap" now and embark on the journey to success with commercial insurance telematics. 

Benefit from the expertise, firsthand insights and best practices of industry leaders that have successfully implemented telematics programs with insurers across commercial auto.  

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About the authors:   

John Barbagallo, insurance executive with nearly 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, is Strategic Advisor at SambaSafety. As former President of Commercial Lines at Progressive, he played a crucial role in pioneering advancements with telematics that helped capture market-leading positions in Commercial Auto. John has a proven ability to construct and lead insurance organizations that effectively utilize technology and data to drive profitable growth, elevate decision-making capabilities, and foster a culture of continuous process improvement. John views telematics as vital for insurers today and is excited to partner with SambaSafety to expand telematics adoption and share his knowledge with the industry to further drive innovation.   

Charles Smith is an engineer and leader in the connected vehicle and motor insurance industry, with over a decade focused on building and scaling innovative software solutions in this space. Charles has extensive experience and understanding of what it takes to create a successful product, build a business around it and deliver it to the market in a sustainable, scalable way. In 2012, he founded Collision Management Systems, a leading telematics aggregator with customers in Europe and the U.S. He is currently VP of Product at SambaSafety, responsible for global insurance and telematics products. Charles’ objective approach to the insurance industry and the challenges it faces is combined with his deep technical understanding of how connected vehicle data can be utilized. This gives him a unique perspective on how the insurance and risk management industry can adapt to an increasingly connected environment, to enable a safer world.    

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Insurers and their policyholders must defend against this threat by implementing driver risk management strategies for proactive accident prevention to ensure the availability of affordable commercial auto insurance and secure the future of the commercial auto insurance market.

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