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Reduce Winter Crashes and Injuries

How much does your fleet spend on incidents and injuries each year? Probably more than you’d like.

A small investment in driver safety training this winter can prevent expensive incidents. Not sure what topics to cover?
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Download our free winter course guide. It's a great training plan template for your winter training period.

Whether you manage a commercial fleet, delivery fleet or just have employees who need to drive for work, our training can help you minimize the financial impact of winter driving. Most lessons are 11 minutes or less, and drivers can complete their training on a laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Prevent winter crashes and injuries
  • Build good safety habits
  • Respond to problems fast with post-incident training
Give your drivers the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe this winter.

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70 percent of the US population lives in an area with at least five inches of snow per year. 74% of all weather-related car crashes are due to wet roads. 156,164 crashes occur annually due to icy roads.

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