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Get insight into what managers across the industry are doing to keep their workers safe on the road.

Keeping employees safe and getting them back to their loved ones has always been top of mind for managers in the engineering and construction industry. Bodily injury sustained on job sites  is most notable, but where does driver risk fall on your list of priorities?

Understanding that caring for employees while working toward projects being completed in a timely fashion, our team surveyed managers to understand what they’re doing this year to mitigate high-risk driving behavior. 

Download our free Construction Driver Safety Benchmark Report to understand how driver safety influences adoption of digital technologies, infrastructure growth, employee management, recruiting and retention and risk mitigation.

The report also features key industry benchmark data, including:

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Vehicle travel is the backbone of the engineering and construction industry, with risk derived from individuals traveling to and from work sites, the greatest being in the morning and late at night due to fatigue.