Driver Risk Control Solutions From CCIG & SambaSafety

Discover how utilizing SambaSafety's continuous driver monitoring and training solutions can benefit your organization.

The partnership between CCIG and SambaSafety revolves around risk control solutions that directly benefit your organization. SambaSafety is the technology leader in driver risk management and continuous MVR monitoring with over 20 years of in-depth knowledge around the data and driving behaviors that present the most risk to your company’s bottom line.

The Impact of Continuous Driver Monitoring

Organizations that utilize SambaSafety’s continuous MVR monitoring technology receive near real-time automated alerts when an employee receives a negative violation on or off the clock, such as a speeding ticket, crash, suspended license or DUI. Compiling that data allows you to identify drivers that are deemed high-risk and proactively intervene with driver training courses, all in one convenient location. The end result leads to minimizing your company's exposure to increased frequency and severity of crashes and claims. 

Companies that implement SambaSafety experience:

  • Reduction in violations, crashes and claims
  • Reduced insurance premium costs
  • Decreased manual administrative driver management burden by up to two-thirds
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Preferred Pricing Through CCIG

CCIG and SambaSafety want to see your company succeed. To learn more about continuous MVR monitoring and special pricing, simply fill out the form to request your demo and our Product Solutions Expert will connect with you within 24 business hours.

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