Why Companies Need Continuous Driver Monitoring

Discover how the legal landscape makes driver monitoring solutions a must for businesses.

Transform the Way You Think About Driver Safety

Forty percent of all motor vehicle crashes are work-related, making it clear that companies can and should be doing everything within their power to lessen the likelihood of crashes. How can you ensure though that only low-risk individuals are getting behind the wheel on behalf of your company? 

SambaSafety partnered with Scopelitis, a law firm serving the legal and business needs of the transportation industry, to create the white paper, Why Continuous Driver Monitoring Matters.

By downloading this white paper, you'll gain access to impactful insight, including:

  • The legal landscape of the industry
  • Key regulatory obligations companies need to know about  
  • Tips to properly vet drivers and ensure only the safest individuals drive for your company
To learn more about why continuous truck driver monitoring matters, get your free copy of the white paper today!

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