Key Driver Risk Management Best Practices

Discover how you can ensure only the safest individuals are driving on behalf of your company.

Identify and Address High-Risk Drivers Before Your Next Crash

Over 100 million people drive for work-related activities in the United States. Between three to five percent of these drivers have invalid, suspended or no license at all. 

Furthermore, 40 million drivers fall into the hired/non-owned category, which is comprised of drivers who run errands for their employers, those who drive their own vehicles to meet with customers or part-time workers to use their own vehicles.

By downloading our white paper, Driver Risk Management Best Practices, you'll gain access to impactful insight, including:

  • The liability high-risk and hired/non-owned drivers pose for companies like yours
  • How you can identify both high-risk and hired/non-owned drivers who drive on behalf of your organization
  • Key tips to improve your company's overall risk management strategy this year
To learn more about driver risk management best practices you can implement in your organization, get your free copy of the white paper today!
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