Driver Safety Program Checklist

Discover the 6 steps companies can follow to establish a safety program to effectively mitigate driver risk. 

You Need Effective Strategies in Place for Reducing Preventable Crashes & Claims

The rise in dangerous driving behavior is threatening the well-being of your company, workforce, brand and bottom line. In order to combat this growing risk, you must establish a strong culture of safety. 

By implementing a comprehensive driver safety program, you can set clear safety standards and effectively enforce them across your entire driver population. Your safety program should give you the visibility and tools needed to:
  • Identify risk
  • Provide ongoing training 
  • Assign targeted interventions 
  • Reward and retain your top talent
  • And much more
Developing a strong driver safety program is no small undertaking. We've created a checklist to help ensure you're covering all the necessary bases. 

Our checklist highlights:

  • The purpose of a driver safety program
  • 6 steps for establishing a comprehensive program
  • The benefits of maintaining an effective program
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