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Are You Performing Driver MVR Checks to Ensure Your Employees Are Qualified?

An employee MVR (motor vehicle record) plays a critical role during pre-employment processes and throughout their tenure at your company. Between the concerning rise in poor driving behavior and the number of drivers on the road with suspended licenses, companies must perform their due diligence to ensure that their employees are operating within the guidelines set in their safety policies. 

Did you know? At any given time, 3 to 5% of individuals behind the wheel are driving with a suspended license. According to our insights, drivers who have received violations for this type of behavior are 55.6% more likely to be involved in a crash within the next 12 months. 

Companies can't afford to let poor driving behavior slip through the cracks. This is where the importance of reviewing each driver MVR comes into play. 

Our latest guide, MVRs 101: Everything You Need to Know About Using Motor Vehicle Records in Your Safety Program, explores the basic fundamentals of an MVR, how they’re used and how often they should be pulled. It also provides a comprehensive checklist to help you better analyze these reports and ensure all drivers meet the necessary standards set in your safety policy.


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  • The state-to-state nuances of MVRs, from differing costs to the overall information provided 
  • Best practices for driver MVR checks
  • How to read an employee MVR 
  • 5 things safety professionals MUST consider when reviewing an MVR for drivers

To learn how to better leverage MVRs to elevate the effectiveness of your fleet safety program, download your copy today!

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