Your Drivers’ Violations Can Predict Future Crashes

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Did you know?

If a driver receives a violation for failing to signal a lane change, the probability of a claim occurring within the next year increases by almost 113%!

Our recent crash prediction study correlated MVR events with insurance claims. We calculated the increased probability of a claim occurring within the 12 months following a specific violation. The results give clear insight into which violations are the best leading indicators of claims. 

Our study also takes these fleet accident statistics a step further. We were able to identify that 15 of these risky violations made the list of the top 20 violations reported in 2022 – further stressing the importance of being active and timely in identifying and mitigating driver risk. 


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  • Common violations and the likelihood (by %) they will lead to a future claim
  • The top 20 driver violations reported in 2022
  • The 4 riskiest driving behaviors and how to combat them across your fleet
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