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Explore how violations can serve as your crystal ball for identifying company drivers who are most likely to cause a fleet accident, helping you prioritize targeted interventions and mitigate risk.

Did You Know? The Majority of Fleet Accidents are Preventable

Companies managing fleets face multiple challenges as they struggle to reduce violations and crashes across their driver populations.
  • Disturbing trends like increased distracted and impaired driving have led to a 20-year high in traffic deaths, burdening businesses with huge financial losses.
  • Insurance premiums have soared, with "nuclear verdicts" surpassing $10 million driving up rates even further.
This increase in risky driving and fatal crashes boils down to one critical thing: the majority of these incidents are actually preventable

Only 6% of vehicle crashes are due to circumstances beyond our control, such as vehicle malfunction or environmental factors, while the other 94% are the direct result of human behaviors.

In An Employer's Guide to Predicting and Preventing Crashes, you'll discover how violations can be used as a predictive tool for pinpointing those most prone to causing fleet accidents. By harnessing the insights from these violations, you can prioritize effective interventions, paving the way for safer drivers and far fewer crashes.

In our guide, you'll discover:
  • The top 38 violations proven to increase the chances of a claim within the next year (SambSafety Study)
  • The top 4 high-risk violation categories 
  • 5 critical steps for acting on and mitigating driver risk 

To discover how your company can reduce violations and costly fleet accidents, download your free copy today!

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