Gig Industry Driver Safety Benchmark Report

Discover how your drivers compare to the rest of the Gig industry.

The Right Insight to Better Prioritize Safety

It's well-known that the Gig industry is vital in ensuring everyday life runs seamlessly. Those who drive for work-related activities, whether behind the wheel of branded vehicles or simply in their own car, present immense unforeseen risk.

In our Gig Economy Driver Safety Benchmark Report, we provide critical insight into the risk Gig drivers present and how they compare to drivers in other industries.

By downloading this report, you'll gain access to detailed industry-specific driver data, including:

  • The percentage of drivers with major violations, suspended licenses, clean MVRs and more
  • A detailed breakdown of the top cited violations 
  • The three most common misconceptions about driver safety for the Gig Economy
To learn more about how your company compares to the rest of the industry, get your free copy of the report today!
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