Is Your Company Protected From This Common Employee Driver Risk?

If your employees utilize leased, rented or personal vehicles while on the clock, your company must follow these 11 critical steps to ensure you’re protected.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Drivers May Be Putting Your Company at Risk

Is your company leveraging leased, rented and/or employee-owned vehicles to help curb costs associated with managing a fleet?

You may be surprised to discover that the drivers of these hired and non-owned vehicles actually represent one of the most high-risk groups for businesses. 

Our checklist, 11 Critical Steps to Protect Your Company Against Hired and Non-Owned Auto Risk, helps ensure you're protected from the hidden risks hired and non-owned vehicles can pose to your company, brand and bottom line. 

Discover critical steps on how to:

  • Ensure your company and drivers have the right insurance coverage
  • Develop safety controls for hired and non-owned auto drivers
  • Implement these protective measures throughout your driver safety program
  • And more!
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