The Importance of Monitoring Hired and Non-Owned Drivers

Discover why commercial auto carriers must ensure their customers are monitoring their ENTIRE driver population.

Help Your Customers Discover Their Hired and Non-Owned Drivers   

There are an estimated 30-40 million company drivers using their own vehicle or rental car to meet with customers, travel to a patient, visit offices or job sites, run errands for their employer or do part-time work. These hired and non-owned drivers represent one of the most unmonitored high-risk groups for businesses today.

This poses a huge financial risk for companies and their commercial insurance carriers – if an employee involved in a crash has a lapse in insurance coverage or is underinsured for their policy, the employer and the insurer are still on the hook. If a major crash involves a DUI or worse, litigation most likely will lead back to the employer AND to the commercial insurer.  

By downloading our white paper, Why Carriers Must Ensure Their Customers Are Monitoring Hired and Non-Owned Drivers, you'll learn more about:

  • The myths surrounding hired and non-owned drivers
  • The many surprising ways in which employees can be considered hired and non-owned
  • How to ensure your customers gain visibility to mitigate their hired and non-owned driver risk
  • Strategies that effectively reduce your loss costs and improve your combined ratios
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