WHITE PAPER: Are Hired and Non-Owned Drivers Putting YOUR Company at Risk?

Discover common myths about these drivers, various ways they put companies at risk and the steps your company can take to protect itself.

Protect Your Company Against Hired and Non-Owned Auto Risk

An estimated 30 to 40 million people use their personal vehicle or a rental car to drive for work. They meet with customers, visit offices or job sites, run errands for their employer and travel for work-related events.

These drivers go by a number of different classifications, including reimbursable, casual and, as the insurance industry refers to them, hired and non-owned drivers. These drivers fall into two main categories:
  • Hired Auto: Vehicles a company leases, hires, rents or borrows that are used in the course of doing business.
  • Non-Owned Auto: Vehicles owned by employees that are used for business purposes.
In our latest white paper, we explore how these drivers represent one of the most high-risk groups for businesses today.

In the white paper, Are Hired and Non-Owned Drivers Putting Your Company at Risk? you'll learn:

  • Different types of employees who are classified as hired and non-owned drivers (which may surprise you!)
  • Common myths and risks associated with these drivers
  • How these drivers put employers at risk for negligent entrustment lawsuits
  • Steps your company can take to protect itself against hired and non-owned drivers

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