What You Need to Know to Act Upon Your Hired/Non-Owned Drivers 

Discover how you can gain unmatched visibility into your hired/non-owned drivers.

Take Control of Your Unseen Yet At-Risk Driver Population

Drivers that a business hires specifically to drive on behalf of the company benefit from a driver safety policy and program. Consider though the estimated 30-40 million drivers using their own vehicles or rental cars to do tasks ranging anywhere from running to meetings with customers or completing an early morning coffee run.

This group of drivers, known as hired/non-owned, are one of the highest-risk yet unmonitored groups for businesses today. But what if there was a solution that told you who should be behind the wheel of a vehicle for your company, even if they weren't hired to drive as a primary function of their role? 

By downloading our white paper, What Every Safety Professional Must Know to Act Upon Their Hired/Non-Owned Drivers, you'll gain access to impactful insight, including:

  • Where hired/non-owned drivers could be lurking in your organization
  • The most common myths that exist surrounding your hired/non-owned driver population
  • How continuous driver monitoring can provide you with the most comprehensive picture of driver risk and take control of your hired/non-owned driver population
To learn more about hired/non-owned drivers and how they can be impacting your organization, get your free copy of the white paper today!
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