On-Demand Webinar: The Secret's in the Numbers - How Top Insurers are Leveraging Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Discover how personal auto insurers are leveraging data to streamline processes, exceed customer expectations and remain profitable in a highly competitive market.

Stop Struggling with Customer Loyalty and Low Conversion Rates

Customer churn in the insurance space is at an all-time high – and with no end in sight.

Did you know?
  • Customer churn can cost as much as $470 billion in premiums globally
  • P&C carrier customer churn rates waver between 10-16%
  • Acquiring customers costs 9 times more than retaining them
  • 51% of consumers are less loyal if their digital experience with a carrier is subpar

As the market continues to shift to meet growing customer expectations, insurers must look to more streamlined, digitalized processes to remain relevant and profitable.

How? The answer lies in your ability to optimize data.

We teamed up with DAIS Technology, Inc. in our recent webinar, The Secret’s in the Numbers: How Top Insurers Are Leveraging Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage, where we covered:
  • The challenges insurers face as they struggle to stay afloat in a shifting market
  • The importance of exceeding customer expectations
  • How optimizing data is a key component in maintaining profitability
  • Important factors to consider when selecting a risk data provider
  • And more!

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