360° View of Risk Data

Samsara and SambaSafety combines and standardizes your integrated telematics, MVR and CSA data in one place to make better informed decisions to mitigate overall vehicle and driver risk.

Telematics, License and Claims Data All On One Platform

Are you struggling to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data coming from in-vehicle telematics devices? Are you having a hard time identifying and intervening with risky drivers soon after an incident?

Let us do the heavy lifting. SambaSafety makes it easier than ever to extract valuable, actionable insights from your telematics devices. Utilizing the industry's most comprehensive fleet risk solution, you can access and make sense of telematics, camera, regulatory, MVR, license, CSA and claims data all in one spot.

SambaSafety not only simplifies the process of identifying and analyzing fleet risk, but also how companies intervene with at- and high-risk drivers. Using automated violation and incident alerts, you can quickly enroll drivers in targeted, recommended training courses aimed at preventing future crashes, claims and disqualifications.

SambaSafety's comprehensive fleet risk and telematics aggregation platform offers:

  • The largest MVR and CSA network providing continuous monitoring for 100% of U.S. drivers.
  • Normalized violations across all 50 states with alerts for violations, suspensions and expirations.
  • Integrations with dozens of telematics providers for real-time, contextualized alerts on high-risk behaviors and incidents.
  • Simplify access to your telematics analytics by centralizing data and media from multiple vendors and in-vehicle systems into one platform for a single, 360-degree view of risk.
  • The industry's only Risk Index score, providing the most complete picture of risk each driver presents based on critical license, CSA and telematics data.
  • 300+ mastery-based online training courses, including recommended courses based on specific violation and incident alerts.
  • Advanced reporting, driver risk analysis tools and API connections.
  • And much more!

Over 15,000 customers trust SambaSafety to monitor over 3.5 million drivers. On average, these companies experience:

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Samsara's strategic partnership with SambaSafety provides end-to-end intelligence for you to make better informed decisions with your telematic and driver risk data. Act with confidence to improve safety and compliance policies across your organization.
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