Insider Tips: How Your Company Can Predict and PREVENT Crashes

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Get Actionable Strategies Your Company Can Implement to Prevent Crashes

Ensuring every driver in your fleet falls within your safety policy is an increasingly difficult job. Since the pandemic, fatal crashes on American roadways are on a steady rise, with traffic deaths hitting a 20-year high in 2022.

Law enforcement agencies across the country are reporting concerning trends around crashes involving high-risk behaviors like distracted driving, impaired driving and excessive speeding.

With this, a common theme has emerged: all of these high-risk activities are dangerous behaviors. In fact, 94% of crashes are caused by dangerous driving behavior.

If dangerous behavior is the cause of most crashes, proper intervention strategies, training and awareness can address and correct this bad behavior, thus making the vast majority of crashes preventable.

Download our webinar, How Your Company Can Predict and PREVENT Crashes, to get actionable strategies that will transform the way you identify and act on driver risk!

In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • How rising risk and fleet-related costs negatively impact companies across industries
  • The 15 most common violations that are leading indicators of future claims
  • Ways to spot risky drivers before they receive violations
  • 5 simple steps to identify and intervene with high-risk drivers and prevent crashes


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