Actionable Insights on Driver Behavior

SambaSafety's Qorta Insight provides advanced reporting for busy risk professionals

Drowning in data?

It’s hard to make strategic decisions when you’re overwhelmed with information (like piles of driver data coming from multiple sources).

Qorta Insight is an advanced reporting tool that helps you quickly make sense of your data. In a few clicks you can:
  • Uncover the most common violations — and know where to focus your safety efforts
  • Identify problem drivers — and immediately enroll them in relevant safety training
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your safety efforts — and share positive results with your insurance broker

Stop struggling with data overload. Let the insights come to you.

Ready to spend less time digging through data and more time on the things that matter? Find out how easy it is to get more from your existing data. Fill out the form to schedule a demo.
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Quickly discover your most common violations using Qorta Insight

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