Comprehensive Guide: The All-In-One Mobility Risk Management Solution for the Sharing Economy

Discover the suite of driver risk assessment, management and mitigation solutions that will elevate your sharing economy platform.

See how SambaSafety has helped leading sharing economy brands more efficiently screen, protect, retain and scale their earner population.

Instantly screen and intelligently score potential contractors for unbeatably fast, accurate and cost-effective risk assessment. SambaSafety's cutting-edge mobility risk management solutions help you maximize your eligible driver population while minimizing exposure to unknown risks and upholding regulatory compliance requirements.

Tailored for the sharing economy, our innovative technology allows you to seamlessly move applicants from funnel to platform, increasing their Lifetime Value and safeguarding your reputation and revenue. With near-instant MVR returns, configurable multi-score capabilities by market and job type and micro-learning content to correct high-risk behaviors, achieve up to a 36% year-over-year reduction in violations.

By downloading our guide, Driver Risk Management for the Sharing Economy, you’ll uncover proven strategies, essential tools and real-life results, including:

  • Instant Qualification: Access driver history instantly for faster and more cost-effective screening.
  • Reduced Risk & Costs: Decrease rising insurance costs and unknown risk exposure as applicants move from funnel to platform.
  • Enhanced Safety & Compliance: Protect your brand and uphold regulatory requirements.
  • Extended Lifetime Value: Maximize your earner pool and keep drivers on the platform longer.
  • Global Coverage & Scale: Leverage our deep understanding of TNC regulations, industry-specific complexities and vast presence in the U.S., Canada and beyond.
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