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Are Time-Consuming Processes Hurting Your Safety Culture?

An all-too-common issue most companies struggle with is the amount of manual work that goes into identifying and intervening with risky drivers. For example:
  • Motor vehicle records (MVRs) place a considerable administrative burden on teams, as each MVR must be pulled and reviewed to ensure drivers remain within your safety policy.
  • Telematics devices provide real-time insight into the safety of your fleet, but if the right tools aren't in place, the vast amount of data from these devices can quickly overwhelm teams.
  • To truly see the full risk profile of each and every driver, multiple data sources and disparate tools are needed to capture MVR, CSA, crash and claims data, telematics incidents and license status changes.
Once risky drivers are identified, an established process must be in to place intervene with them. There's a good chance intervention methods sit in yet another disparate system. With time being of the essence when it comes to intervention, each additional mile these drivers put in without remediation puts your company at greater risk. 

The good news? There's a much better (and easier) way to manage driver risk

With the right technology, companies like yours can ditch these manual processes for far better insight into their overall risk profile.

Our latest guide, Revolutionize Your Approach to Mitigating Driver Risk: How the Right Technology Transforms Driver Safety Programs, explores the issues surrounding traditional risk mitigation strategies and discusses how platforms that offer critical tools like continuous MVR monitoring, telematics integrations and online driver training enable companies to identify and act on driver risk in record time.


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  • Issues with traditional risk mitigation methods like manual MVR pulls and self-reporting
  • Why its critical for companies to have the complete picture of driver risk in one platform
  • Best practices for implementing fast, effective intervention strategies without ever leaving the platform
  • How companies who have made the switch are elevating safety cultures, retaining drivers and protecting bottom lines

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