Free Case Study: Subprime Lender Uncovers Hidden Driver Risk via Robust Underwriting Tools

Discover how the Company was able to boost its underwriting risk assessment and retain better customers.

How Confident Are You in Your Company's Underwriting Tools and Processes?

A Pennsylvania-based subprime lender faced a significant increase in total losses among its customers, leading to substantial financial losses. To address this risk, the Company needed a better way to gain a comprehensive understanding of its customer profile. However, its previous approach to underwriting risk assessment had limitations, making it difficult to accurately manage customer liability. 

But by integrating SambaSafety's comprehensive driver history data into its underwriting process, the Company gained valuable insights into its customers' driving behavior upfront – completely transforming its ability to identify risk. 

In our case study, SambaSafety Helps Subprime Lender Uncover Hidden Underwriting Risks Among Drivers, we explore how this subprime lender leveraged robust underwriting tools to accurately price risk, better support its customers and improve profitability.

Our case study uncovers:

  • The Company's underwriting risk assessment challenges
  • How the Company leveraged critical data to identify risk sooner 
  • The immediate results and long-term benefits of improving these processes
  • And much more! 
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