Why Knowing About Driver Violations Doesn’t Fix the Problem

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Knowing Isn't Fixing

Roadways are becoming more dangerous, which is a serious problem for safety managers across the country.

Fatal crashes have increased 10% year over year. In fact, Q1 2021 experienced the highest number of fatal crashes in nearly a decade. With the increase crashes has also come a spike in lawsuits. One in two personal injury lawsuits involve an auto crash and three in five of these lawsuits are won by the plaintiff.

In our recent webinar, "Knowing Isn’t Fixing: The Case to Combine Driver Monitoring and Training," we discuss the importance of knowing about violations soon after they happen and immediately taking action to fix that behavior.

By watching, you’ll gain strategies on how:
  • Remedial training helps you take immediate action instead of ignoring the problem
  • Frequent training should be used to prevent future violations and crashes
  • “Premedial” training, or remedial training assigned to new hires based on previous violations, can help expand your hiring pool Simply fill out the form to have this webinar delivered to your inbox.

Simply fill out the form to have this webinar delivered to your inbox.

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