Back to Basics: The Essentials of MVRs and Driver Monitoring

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Everything You Need to Know About MVRs in One Webinar

Motor Vehicle Records, or MVRs, have been the backbone of SambaSafety's business and are the gold standard for understanding driver risk. For over 20 years, we've collected data on over 635 million MVRs. Fun fact: over 90% of background screeners rely on SambaSafety's MVR data. 

Violation data is the best way for companies to predict future crashes. In our latest webinar, Back to Basics: Essentials of MVRs and Monitoring, we answer the most common questions we hear around MVRs and how they can be used to manage driver risk.

In this webinar, you'll learn

  • What is an MVR?
  • How do companies use them?
  • Why do companies, background screeners and insurance companies love MVRs so much?
  • What happens after the pre-hire MVR screen?
  • And lots more!

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